(all reviews used by written permission, kept on file)

Please note that I don’t ever claim to work miracles or be a magician - just a very competent chiropractor and body worker. Some of my patients seem to think so, though.

  • "It's always better with chiropractic."
    D. Sickels
  • "It's amazing what you've done!"
    R. Rodriquez
  • "You need a sign that says 'I'm the man!'"
    LA Machado
  • "It's so nice not to have that vertigo. It was terrible. You performed miracles!"
    S. Shipman
  • "You're a miracle worker!"
    J. Bagwell
  • "They were right, you're a miracle worker!"
    A. Warren
  • "You're like a miracle worker. I always tell people to come to you."
    T. Roman
  • "That's a miracle! I don't know how you do it but you do."
    C. Dorrity
  • "This is why I come to the miracle maker."
    D. Sanchez
  • "I think you're a miracle worker!"
    Nancy K.
  • "Ah, those fingers are magical." "Thank God I found you!. You're a miracle worker."
    J. Lopez
  • "You're a miracle worker!"
    R Hagen
  • "Thank Jesus for your magic hands!"
    B. Stout
  • "You are a Godsend with your magic fingers!"
    M. Zapata

Not all patients call me a miracle worker. They’re just very pleased with their care.

  • "My wife and I came all the way from Shreveport, LA, to see Dr. Rowland. We were very pleased with our care."
    T. Williams.
  • "Oh man. It's way better! I'm surprised. No, why should I be surprised? You got me better last time too."
    S. Guevara
  • "After you worked on my carpal tunnel my hands almost never fall asleep anymore. It was amazing!"
    J. Reyes
  • "I was able to walk through Europe (after your care). I couldn't believe it!"
    D. Reed
  • "The only thing I'm upset about is that I didn't find you sooner!"
    A. Jeffrey
  • "You do wonders, you know. I won't forget the time I crawled in here and walked out!"
    R. Mainka
  • "You da' man, Doc!"
    J. Dominguez


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Review By Our Satisfied Patient

  • "Just wanted to let you know that I have moved. I appreciate all that you have done for me and my back!! Thanks a million for your fantastic adjustments and friendly way!"
    Shirley S./Odessa, TX